Pristine Printing

Pristine Printing represents a unique culture to engage with. Just like in all our other companies you will experience a warm welcome and attentive care during your project with us. Despite of our large size we have been able to maintain a very harmonious family-like relationship grid inside our culture. Most of our team is consisted of individuals that have grown up at Pristine. Perhaps because of the exceptionally humane and compassionate example of our leader Fred Pristine we have been cultivating a multidisciplinary and all-in-one print solution environment in order to provide an all encompassed service bundle for our customers. We definitely go out of our way to make sure all your print spend is arranged to offer the best and most value for your needs.

Pristine used to be the in-house print shop of today’s Deloitte, the Touche Ross of the early days. Our colourful owner Fred Pristine was educated in Brussels, Belgium in Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles as a printer. Fred started working at Deloitte shortly after his arrival in Canada. He speaks 5 languages and you can go meet him at his retirement nest in Pristine Fine Foods, the hidden gem of Etobicoke where all he wants to do is make espresso for his guests and non-stop meet new people. Fred holds a Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Medal for his exceptional services and countless charities for Canada.

Fred’s inventive and creative intellect has been the driving force behind Pristine’s tech savvy production style. Pristine has lead the industry twice over the years first gathering all print departments under the same roof early on and later developing the first online order system. Pristine continues thriving in print solutions through its continuous exploration and experimentation with technology teamed up in-house programmers and other experts in science. We are looking forward to meeting you, hope can have an opportunity to look after you with at least one of our best practices.