Business Cards

Business Cards

The real ice breakers!

Think of your business card as the introduction of your business to your potential customer or yourself to a potential employer. It is the first piece of advertisement you use to introduce your business while reaching to a potential customer and/or yourself while networking. It is important to act wise while designing. It should be unique and striking. According to your brand image, you can have a black and white simplistic design or you might want to stand out with colours showing your fun side. If you want your business card to act as a real ice breaker, you might think of having an interactive one that engages your contact. We are ready to design it for you!

And don’t forget to include your job title, contact information and your company’s or your personal brand’s logo. If you are a company or someone in the creative industry you should also include your social media addresses such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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